The Naked Duke

The Naked Duke - Sally MacKenzie I recently discovered this author, and I have to say every time I read her I am amazed by how much I have enjoyed her so far. I checked my library for more of her books, and found the Naked Nobility series. The "Naked Duke" is the first in the series, and a good start. I definitely plan on reading more from this author. At first when I picked this up, the cover didn't exactly encourage me, but after reading the blurb, I wanted to give it a chance. I was in the mood for something quirky and fun and Sally Mackenzie definitely delivered a fantastic read.

James, the Duke of Alford, knows that he will have to marry soon. His cousin hates him with a passion, and is jealous of his position. And James knows that he will come after him eventually. The only way to guarantee his safety and that of his sister, is to marry. He knows that the pickings are very slim, but he knows this is what needs to be done. Unlike most lords, he isn't intimidated by marriage and family. When at a inn he finds himself in a bed with a stranger, but a beautiful and naked woman, he is beyond intrigued. Sarah is on her way to see her uncle, after her father dies and nearly destitute, promised her father on his death bed, to seek a home with her family in England. When stopping at a Inn for the night, a strange man, pays for a room, and she ends up waking to a naked Duke, and being seen by quite a few people. Now ruined, she will have no choice but to marry him. However Sarah is American, she thinks the British ways of ruination are ridiculous. However she can't help but be fascinated by James, and she starts to realize that she, more than anything, would love to share his bed and his life.

James has known he will be a Duke since he was practically in diapers. He has always accepted who he is, and even though his father tried to mold him into a certain man, James has become his own person. He will pick his own wife, and when he ends up in bed with Sara, he knows he wants her for his wife. James is very un typical of the normal aristocrat. He isn't conceited or a rake, he is actually a virgin. Which I liked that aspect of his character, even though he is very passionate and sensual, he has never wanted anyone like he wants Sara. Sara is independent, willful, and her passion matches James. I really liked how these two work together. They instantly spark, but there is also a emotional connection that develops that strengthens their bond even more. I liked how Sara just didn't except things as they were, she made James work for it. I felt that she could have trusted him a bit more but overall really loved these two.

This was such a fun and sweet story. I just flew right through it, I enjoyed it so much. It wasn't the type to totally capture you, but the kind of story that will take you on a sweet ride. Very enjoyable, and the characters were enriching and quirky at times. There was a sense of playfulness between James and Sara that was a hoot to witness. A marvelous story that has much more than a romance, it has quite a bit of a mystery/suspenseful twist to it. It has enough witty and sexy fun to hold your interest and more. It has flair for the dramatic but in a light way that will make you earn for more. DELICIOUSNESS!!