Taming the Highlander

Taming the Highlander - Terri Brisbin This is the first time I have had a chance to read from this author, and I was impressed, especially since it was a bit shorter than what I usually like. I felt that it was a great read, and I really enjoyed the set of the story. It is set in a more medieval time period, back to the 1300's. It then sets the stage for a arranged marriage, which begins on a rocky start. Connor has no need for love or tenderness in his marriage, just his wife giving him a heir and then he plans on letting her go back to her family. Jocelyn wants more from her marriage, she wants to make her life here, but Connor has to let her into his life and his heart first. Even though their marriage doesn't begin with roses and daisies, it does turn out to be a emotional and riveting journey. There was so much vivid descriptions and emotions that are displayed, that had me crying a bit. Which hasn't happened in a while, I was surprised. The characters are deeply embedded in the story, and their connection to each other is very sensual at times, and this author captures a beautiful romantic tale of passion, intrigue and a sweet love story. I loved the way this story begins and ends, definitely was a easy read. LOVED EVERY MOMENT!