How to Pursue a Princess

How to Pursue a Princess - Karen Hawkins I was shocked when I saw a copy of the newest book of Karen Hawkins, available on the library shelf. Normally I would have to wait months sometimes a year, before it would become available. Let me tell you, I grabbed it faster than I could breath air. I have always had a deep appreciation for Karen Hawkins. She was the first author that I read that made me fall in love with romance. If any of you like a bit of witty YA romance, that is set in the historical time period--starts with Catherine and the Pirate--one of my all time favorite books, and is probably the reason I am still in love with romance, especially historical romance. There is so much talent in Karen Hawkins voice, and I would swear that How to Pursue a Princess is one of her best so far!! There were so many things that I enjoyed about this story, so first let me talk about the actual story.

When Lily and her younger sister learn that their father has come into some big debt, that will have to be paid quite soon, within the month, so knows that with the large quantity due, she will have no choice to marry. So she sends a request to her aunt the Duchess, who sets up a house country party, where she will try to match her with the Earl of Huntley. But when she leaves for a few moments on a ride, she ends up getting hurt, and she finds herself getting rescued by the most gorgeous yet stubborn man. Large and overbearing, Prince Wulfinski. When Wulf first sees Lily, he is captivated by her engaging eyes, and wild hair that only stimulates his senses. He knows that she is his future mate, but he must convince her first. Lily finds herself revealing all of her secrets to Wulf, and she wonders if circumstances were different that they might have had a future together. But believing he is a poor prince, she knows she has no choice but to marry the Earl, because her family is depending on her. But will she choose her duty over her family, or her love for Wulf, who makes her feel more alive than ever before.

How To Pursue A Princess is a astounding read!! I felt myself utterly captivated from the fast paced plot to the deep sensuality that develops into a powerful love story! There was quite a bit I loved about this one. First is the hero...*sigh*, boy was I impressed. He is from another country, and could care less about society's rules, and is very blunt and says what exactly is on his mind, and isn't modest about it. He above all was my favorite character, and my favorite hero from this author. I would trade places with Lily any day of the week! When he goes after Lily to convince her to choose love over duty to her family, he is very tenacious and stubborn with the issue, much to my delight. I love a man who knows what he wants and charges after it. This newest addition to the Duchess series is a tale full of witty humor, sensational fun, and has a refreshing flavor to it that only ends up captivating its reader. SPLENDIDLY WELL DONE!!!