A Certain Wolfish Charm

A Certain Wolfish Charm - Lydia Dare Lily Rutledge has been raising her nephew ever since her sister and her husband dies in a accident. But then her sweet nephew at the age of twelve starts to dramatically change in ways that doesn't seem very normal. After trying to reach his guardian the Duke of Blackmoor, she decides she is tired of waiting for him to reply to her endless supply of letters that she is sending him. She comes up with a plan in which he won't be able to ignore her any longer, she show up on his very doorstep. Simon, the Duke of Blackmoor has spent his life trying to keep his beast in control. In his mind his nephew is a young boy and he has more pressing concerns. When Miss Lily shows up and starts making demands of him with no fear in her eyes it sets his beast on edge and he knows she is his downfall. When he hears that his nephew is showing dangerous signs he must step in and take full responsibility. Which will put him in close proximity to the lovely Lily and he wonders how he will be able to stop himself from fully claiming her as his mate.

This is the first book I have read from this author and I am very impressed. There is nothing more I love than my two favorite sub genres mixing together in a marvelous blend of historical and a bit of paranormal that is written in a way that brings out a sensual mix of danger and passion. I felt from the first few pages, that the authors style was so captivating I had the hardest time putting it down. I really enjoyed seeing Simon and Lily spar, very amusing. Simon is fully Alpha Male type of hero, dark and brooding and wants control at all times. Lily has a gentle nature but has a spine of Steele, she is much tougher than she appears to be on the surface. She is like a mama bear when it comes to her nephew despite the danger she senses when she is around Simon. There is quite a bit of involvement of Simons family which made me excited to read the rest of the series. Overall I found this one to be a good start to the series, and sets the stage for the plot quite well. There was quite a few elements to the story that made it more exciting than I imagined it would be. I loved the edge of danger that remained steadily throughout the story all the way to the end. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I got a thrill on seeing the development of their relationship. Definitely had a thrill of a ride reading this one and I can hardly wait to read the next installment in the series.