Lady Windermere's Lover

Lady Windermere's Lover - Miranda Neville Originally Posted On Addicted To Romance

Damian, in his early twenties, while drunk on his birthday with his friends, gambles a important piece of property, a property that was special to his mother. So he marries Lady Cynthia in order to get that land back. Damian works for the foreign office for seven years. After a year of marriage, he returns for a mission and at the same time get his wife back. Cynthia even though married, hasn't seen her husband in quite some time, and doesn't seem any harm in flirting with her neighbor, but she is determined never to betray her vows. But when her husband unexpectedly returns, they start to live with each other once again, and Cynthia starts to slowly learn who her husband really is, and discovers a passionate and sensual man who is dedicated to duty and honor. Will Damian and Cynthia be able to learn to love after separation and mistrusts.

Lady Windermere's Lover is the third book in the wild quartet series and in the past I have learned to really enjoy this author. I found this book to be very enjoyable and fun and easy to love. There wasn't any big issues that I had with this story, I did feel like it wasn't the type of story I could fully get into though. I did have a fun time with it, and it was one of those stories you can relax into but not get fully immersed in the story. It had the feel of a good cup of tea on a quiet evening. Lately I have been reading very gripping stories, so it was nice to relax into a book and not be at the edge of my seat the whole time. (Not saying I don't like books like that, but it is nice at times to take a breather and read a story a bit more softer). Although I will say I wish there was more romance in the story. I felt like this couple were more friends than married turning into lovers. I didn't feel much sensuality in the story or much of a romantic theme. There were moments of course, but I didn't get the feeling that I usually do with this author. So I was slightly disappointed, but it was a comfortable and easy read, so I had no trouble reading it. I just had higher hopes for it. However having said that, I do want to touch base on a few things I really did enjoy.

I really love the characters involved in the story both main and side characters. Damian and Cynthia are a solid match. Damian is a mix of beta and alpha personality. Damian is willing to admit when he is wrong, willing to fight for what is his, and is a protector. He has a admirable sense of loyalty and I really liked him. Cynthia is your average heroine, but has some qualities that makes her above average. As you read further in the story you start to see more into Cynthia and I really loved her personality and she has that endearing quality to her. Some of my favorite characters were the side characters, and this neighbor rake trying to seduce Cynthia...well I liked his bad boy personality. He was just too likable not to love.

Overall a enjoyable story with witty humor, unique characters, and full of scenes to make you have that "feel good" feel. A PLEASURE TO READ!