Betrayed (Rockfort Security)

Betrayed (Rockfort Security) - Rebecca York Originally Posted At My Blog: Addicted To Romance

Received a ARC in return of a honest review.
Elena works for a company called S&D, and has worked hard to support herself and not rely on her family. For as long as she can remember she has always felt out of place in her family, and knows that it is up to her to make her own way. So after going to college she has become accomplished. Then she becomes involved in a situation with her brother, who coerces her to take something from her job, and bring it to him. Instead she goes for help to Shane Gallagher. Shane has beeen asked to investigate a mole in S& D, and one of his highest suspects is Elena, but there is something more to Elena than meets the eye. When she comes to him for help, he can't resist helping her, when danger comes to his door, and he has no choice but find out who is after them. As Elena and Shane come closer to figuring out the man behind the mask, they start to fall in love and Shane will have to put his heart on the line and trust Elena in a way he has never trusted anyone before...will Elena and Shane both survive?

Betrayed is the second book in the series, and the frist book I have read from Rebecca York. I was asked to read this in return of a honest review. And I was more than willing, since I adore romantic suspense...and this story definitely fits the bill. Such a intense and wild ride, Betrayed is. I had problem read this one, it was one of the easiest books to read. Engaging and heartwarming, and many emotional moments that just wins your heart. I had such a fun time with this stoyr, and the characters...oh my...I just loved both of them. They were fantastic. The hero is rough around the edges, but has one of the most vulnerable hearts. Shane doesn't trust women, after being betrayed by his ex wife. But then he meets Elena, and with danger at their tails, he suspects her at every turn, but there is something compelling that he can't resist. Elena makes some mistakes, but does it for good reasons, and I just liked her instantly. I felt like I could easily relate with her and she was so easy to love. I love how much she fights for those she loves.

The story is intense, filled with passion and tension, and full of adventure and love. A mesmerizing combination of action and swiftly moving plot. Brilliantly done!!!