Sleeping Beauty and the Demon

Sleeping Beauty and the Demon - Marina Myles Sleeping Beauty and the Demon is the fourth book in this series, and I have followed this series since the beginning and I have loved the style and theme of it. I have always adored fairy tale themed romances, but the unique style that Myles has put a new twist on the fairy tales, is very fascinating and original. This story follows up with the original fairy tale Sleeping Beauty and the differences in the story add a extra spice. There is a darker theme to the story, with it full of secrets and intrigue, but there is also a intensity between the characters, and in the end becomes a powerful love story. The characters in this story are very endearing all the way through. Drago has a somewhat darker character but one that pulls you further in the story. His character is very different from what you usually read, he has such a devotion to Rose, and even though at first I wasn't sure how I felt about him, by the end of the story I grew to really like him. Rose is strong willed and she is the type of heroine you find likable, although she seems to be a bit naive at times. But there is a way that this character is put into the story that you find compelling and real. Overall a intense paranormal romance with plenty of magic, passion, and adventure!!! STUNNING!!!