Rules of Ascension

Rules of Ascension - Suzy Knight When I was asked to read and review this one, I was excited especially after I saw this gorgeous cover and read the blurb. I love any romance set in a historical period and this one was great. It is set in the medieval period, where there are knights, and the court and yummy princes. This story is about a young woman that is forced to come to court, a woman that loves to be free and watch the sunrise and play. She doesn't like to be restricted. Now she is at the royal court, because her sister is marrying the crown prince. Then she meets the younger prince, Frederick, who is a ladies man. But he is charming, affectionate and shows her gentleness and desire. It is a short story, but what a fun one. I enjoyed every moment. It almost seemed too short for me. The story surrounds this sweet romance, and is wrought with treachery and suspense, with a tender love story that is guaranteed to steal your heart!! Magnifiscient!!