Reforming the Rock Star (Entangled Indulgence)

Reforming the Rock Star (Entangled Indulgence) - Christine Bell Sydney Metcalf, is just starting out with her new catering business. When her closest friend gets engaged, her friend asks her to be the caterer. At first Sydney, refuses, but knowing that this would be a great opportunity to get her name out there. She knows that she will have to step up and show the wedding party and guest that her catering is the best of the best, and then she ends up working with Lazlo Stone, the best man, and rock star. After cooking a feast for the bachelor party, she ends up sprawled out of the window right in front of Laz's feet. Lazlo Stone, is a rock star, and loves music and his band. When his close friend and band member ends up engaged, he is more than ready to escape city life for a time and get some freedom from the reporters. When he meets Sydney, he finds himself intrigued. She isn't his normal woman, but he sees beneath her exterior, and sees a woman that is passionate and loving. As their romance blossoms, Sydney wonders if its too good to be true? Will she be able to trust in the man that adores her above everything else, or will her doubts get in the way of a future together?

After reading this, I kept saying to is this the first time I have read this author? Lately I have been getting into the rock star romances, and I really loved this one. There was something so real and vivid about the story that instantly pulls you in. This would probably be one of my favorites from this style of contemporary romance. There were so many moments that just had me laughing, these two were a hoot!! I just couldn't get enough of them. Lazlo, is one sexy hero...I mean he is sweet yet dangerous, tender and fierce, and a deeply sensual man. Who wouldn't love him right? Well he also has something else going for him...Sydney. I adored the way he was with her. Here we have this sexy and hot rock star, and the one woman he picks, is someone that doesn't care about hair or makeup, one who is imperfect, doubts herself, impeccable chef, and a woman in need of love more than anyone. He sees beneath her plain Jane exterior, and sees the beauty within. That was probably one of my favorite aspects. In so many stories, the heroine is just perfect body, and gorgeous looks, but I loved how in this story that wasn't the case. The characters seemed so much more realistic in the story, seemed like normal people, who have struggles but still try to make a good life for themselves...what couldn't you love right? Sydney...well she has flaws, but she was so easy to relate with, and my heart just went out to her. She struggles with self doubt, and I enjoyed seeing her really flourish in the story. In the beginning you wonder if she is your typical heroine, that just has superficial issues. However as you delve deeper in the story, you begin to see her past, and why she is the way she is. I loved seeing her turn from a shy, reserved, woman who constantly doesn't feel worthy of anyone...into a strong and independent woman willing to fight for herself and the man she loves.

There was such a sense of warmth and realism that just provokes the reader for more!! A page turner, and a story that I guarantee will make you fall at its feet!! A romance to cheer for!! A Unique and Unforgettable story!!! BRILLIANT TALENT!!