All Night with a Rogue

All Night with a Rogue - Alexandra Hawkins, James Griffin Juliana, along with her two sisters, are expected to marry and soon. Her mother has saved all of their savings so that she could put her daughters into society. At a ball one evening, Juliana escapes a suitor that can't keep his hands off her, and ends up running into " Sin" well known for his mistresses and his consistency in his bedding other women. Sin is intrigued by Juliana and upon their first meeting he plans on finding her again and showing her his methods of seduction. When his sisters begs him to seduce a woman who has her sights set on her lover, he reluctantly agrees to seduce her and then ruin her in society. He is shocked to discover that the woman he is supposed to ruin is the one woman who intrigued him and has been searching for. When his plans starts to proceed successfully, his heart starts to weaken with Juliana and he knows that she is his one weakness...

All Night With A Rogue is the first in the Lords of Vice series. This is also the first time that I have had a chance to read this author. I have been very intrigued by the theme of this series, and the covers are delicious to look at. So I knew I needed to try it, so finally I was able to obtain a copy of this one and I was super excited to read it. For the most part I did enjoy this story, there was quite a few sparks between this couple and the story was very intense at times. The conflict isn't too obvious until the later half and then the plot really thickens and the story picks up speed quite a bit and before you realize it you have to finish it as soon as possible. I enjoyed seeing how this story plays out, there is quite a bit of romance and intense emotions that are displayed. The beginning of the story starts off pretty well, with a sensual scene with Juliana and Sin's first meeting, which definitely blew me away. I was fascinated by these two characters from the beginning. I did feel as if the flow of the story felt a bit off, it was like riding a train with multiple of stops and not exactly the smoothest of rides.The characters really surprised me and did I ever love this bad boy "sin" he sounded good enough to eat. Juliana was likable enough, but I felt she could have had more backbone in certain areas of the story, I definitely wanted to bang my head against the wall in some instances with her making certain decisions, you want to ring her neck. But other times where you felt a feeling of charm toward her. Mixed feelings I definitely felt in this story, which made it a more fulfilling read by the time I finished it.

Overall though it was a intensely packed romance that is full of sizzling passion, intriguing characters, and one thrill of a ride!! SATISFYING!