In Over Her Head

In Over Her Head - Judi Fennell In Over Her Head is the first book in the Tritone Trilogy. I came across this title on Goodreads, and once I read the synopsis, I bought the ebook for it. It definitely sounded like something I would love. Having read in under 24 hours, I would have to say it was a wise decision in buying this one. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series. It has been a long time since I have read a mermaid themed based story. It starts out with Reel saving Erica from being killed, and before Erica realizes it, she has no choice but to join him along a adventure of a lifetime. Even though Erica is scared to death of water, the reader sees a courageous woman. Reel is a bit of a rebellious sort, being the second son of the royal line, he believes himself to be of no consequence to his family. I found Reel to be a charmer, definitely a womanizer of the waters. My heart went out to him though, I loved how accepting he was of the circumstances he was put in. One of my least favorite things was how Erica didn't fully accept Reel for what he was. She seemed to be a bit selfish wanting only Reel with his legs and not his fin. Frankly I would have taken him any way I could have him (LOL). A solid romance story, with excitment and adventure and the magic of the sea thrown into the mix. A enjoyable story, even though I am not sure if I liked the ending very much, but I felt the story was flowing and had a certain fun charm to it. Looking forward to reading more from this author!! :)