Wedded in Sin

Wedded in Sin - Jade Lee Penny, has struggled trying to keep herself and her infant brother afloat. With her father dead, no one seems to trust her in her ability to be a shoemaker. Even though Penny is very talented and in the past couple years her father was alive, she was the one being the "real" shoemaker. Then out of the blue, a Constable arrives, saying that her business and home has been sold, and that she wasn't mentioned in her fathers will. She barely escapes with a few of her things and her brother, being left on the street when a gorgeous stranger swoops in to save the day. Samuel is a younger son, and is looking for something to give his life meaning. When he sees a damsel in distress, he can't help but go in to save the day. When he learns that her life has been turned upside down, he offers his assistance in getting down to the truth. As Samuel and Penny investigate and endeavor to reach the truth and get her home back, a flaming desire threatens to overwhelm them. Will Samuel and Penny be able to find a future together??

Wedded in Sin was a charming romance, and even though it is a regency romance, neither of the main characters are members of the Ton. Samuel is a gentleman, served in the military, and now is looking for a way to make his way through life on his own. Samuel was a interesting hero. Even though he enjoys pleasure and going his own path, he also craves a future. His character seemed very genuine and authentic, and it was fun seeing him interact with Penny and I do love a hero who is as caring as this one, but is still a bit of a rake. Penny was your average heroine, she was likable at times, and even though she did have a strong will, I felt like it didn't completely match up with her personality. I did think that she could have had a strong spine at times, but I did feel like she was a solid match for Samuel.

Overall a a fun and charming regency romance with a unique setting. Characters to bring a smile to your face, vivid details to draw you in, and a story to satisfy any romance craving you may have. ENDEARING ROMANCE!!