Romancing the Duke

Romancing the Duke - Tessa Dare I was able to receive the ARC of Romancing the Duke through Avon and Edelweiss in return of a honest review. Ever since this author's books came out, I have loved her style. This latest series "Castles Ever After" are based on certain characters in each of the books inheriting or receiving in some way a castle. In the first one here, Izzy is sent a letter informing her that she has inherited a castle. Izzy with only a few coins to her name, decides to travel up north, and take a chance. She just doesn't expect to find a brooding and dangerous man who makes her heart flutter and her pulse quicken. Things heat up right quick, and he is the first who doesn't know the famous fables her father is well known for about knights and princes, and happily ever after. He doesn't believe in love or happy endings, just cold hard facts. This hero we see suffers from blindness, and we see how difficult it has been for him. He hasn't step one foot outside his crumbing castle. Izzy and Ransom strike a bargain, but this bargain will prove dangerous when they both fall in love with each other at a time when they least expect it.

The story was charming and sweet and fully romantic. There was quite a bit that I enjoyed. Even though there was a bit of a serious tone to the story considering the number of conflicts involved, the first and second impression I gained from this story was that if your looking for a light and entertaining romance, this one is for you. Its definitely the type of book to get comfortable in. The characters were fun and boy did I love the side characters, they were a ball!! So much wit and playfulness and sense of freshness came the impression to this reader.

Overall I fell in love with Romancing The Duke. I was very impressed with the way the layout of this story started and how the author set it up quite perfectly. The characters were uniquely simple yet not. There were a few complications that only keep the reader even more engaged. A story full of charm, romance, and stellar storytelling that takes you back the magic of fairy tales and love ever after. A Golden Treasure of a romance!!! FANTASTIC!