Taming a Wild Scot

Taming a Wild Scot - Rowan Keats Taming A Wild Scot is a romance set in the medieval time period of Scotland around the 1200's. This is one of my all time favorite historical time periods to read in. Many prefer the regency era, however I find this time frame full of passion and a zeal that is hard to find in other time periods. Taming A Wild Scot I found to be the perfect title for this style of story. I was able to obtain this book through my local library, which was really surprising considering it just came out a couple months ago. This author has been on my watch list ever since I found a blog tour on her a little while back. Now I was very excited while reading this, it definitely was near impossible to put down. The story is about a brother to a Laird that is on a mission in aiding his brother, he must obtain a certain object, and Ana is the best way for him to accomplish his mission. They met a year previous when she was in the same jail as his brother, and as she came close to dying, he saves her life. Now she has made a life for herself as the healer, but when Niall claims to be her dead husband, she has no choice but to accept him in her home and life for now. Soon Ana gets pulled into Niall's charm and fierce passion for her. Will Ana choice a life she has made in this village or a passionate love for a man who makes her burn with desire?

Taming A Wild Scot is a wonderful historical romance. From the detail and descriptions in this story, it is evident this author has done quite a bit of research. Atleast on the culture of the time and area of this period. I enjoyed seeing Niall and Ana together, this couple definitely got the blood pumping. They definitely were the type to deny their feelings for each other, when its clearly evident how much they care for each other. But both characters are more stubborn than a ox, so of course the relationship is going to get bumpy. But I found those bumps to be very exciting at times. This story definitely had a mystery element to the plot and I found it very addicting as I was reading this book. There were many characters I enjoyed getting to know. Of course Niall is very Alpha Male of his time. He likes control and order, and Ana is a threat to that. Ana is strong willed and a stubborn "lass". Which is the most amusing of course, when you get the most stubborn of characters together in the mix, especially when there is a romantic relationship involved. The side characters added a unique quality to the story. There is a side story of Niall's brother- Aiden and Isabell (who are the next story in the series).

Overall a stunning medieval romance that sets your heart to pace, a memorable tale of danger and passion!! PURELY SENSATIONAL!