After the Scandal

After the Scandal - Elizabeth Essex Lady Claire is tired of the same redundancy of the Ton and society and never feeling any passion or emotion. Even though she is loved by her parents, she knows they expect her to make a good match. So she reluctantly agrees to go in a dark corner and exchange a kiss with a lord. What she doesn't expect is to be attacked and to be rescued by a handsome Duke. Fenmore hasn't always been a Duke. When he was young, he and his older sister had to survive the streets by thievery, but then they were rescued by a family relative and he was trained and tutored to be the Duke of Fenmore. For quite some time he has watched Claire from a distance and only wishes to prove himself worthy of her. When he finds her being attacked he rescues her and then they stumble upon a dead body and he realizes that Claire isn't safe. So he and Claire decided to look for the murderer themselves, but along the way they start to have a powerful connection, a connection that will prove to be their greatest strength and could save the both of them.

After The Scandal is the fourth installment, and the first book I have read from this author. I have been watching this author for quite some time now. So when I was able to obtain a review copy, I was very excited to try this author out and I find that I really enjoyed her unique style. There was alot more to this book than a simple regency love story. The elements included into this read only added a air of excitement and danger and leaves the reader more intrigued with each turn of page. From the very first chapter we see the instant connection between Clair and Fenmore. They definitely have a unpredictable desire for each other, but even from their first meeting you see that there is alot more to their relationship than just passion.

The hero of the story is Fenmore, and boy I wish more heroes were more like him. Most of the time with this time period and style, the heroes are all about being rakes and seducing. However Fenmore is so different. He has a sense of high honor and respect for Claire, and you see how much he admire Claire and only wants her to return the feelings he has for her. Throughout the story you see him trying to prove his worth of her, and I loved his humble personality. But it wasn't fake, it seemed so genuine and real and I definitely needed a tissue, he definitely evoked certain emotions. Claire is daring and bold and I loved seeing her react toward Fenmore. Claire is put in danger and even though put in certain situations most women would lean away from, she steps right into it, not fearing much of anything. I loved her sense of loyalty toward the hero and their relationship was full of conflict, passion, and adventure. Who wouldn't want to jump right in and join them right? A exciting romantic tale that is guaranteed to weave a spell around you!! FANTASTICALLY WELL DONE!!!