Why Dukes Say I Do

Why Dukes Say I Do - Manda Collins Originally Posted At My Blog: Addicted To Romance

Lady Isabella, recently widowed, is glad to be free of a marriage that was a brutal prison. Now her sister is soon to make a solid match with a man she adores. But when her godmother, blackmails her into visiting her grandson and convincing him to take the full responsibilities of being the Duke of Ormond. So Isabella has no choice, since she would do anything for her sister. Trevor Carey, only cares about the country life, taking care of his tenants and farms, and seeing to his younger sisters. When his grandparents left his parents on their own, he had no interest in forming a bond with his grandmother when he became the Duke. At first Trevor is furious at Isabella, for trying to get him to return to London, to the family who has never cared about him or his sisters until they needed him. As Isabella tries to convince Trevor of his duties, Isabella starts to slowly fall for the handsome duke, who treats her with desire and tenderness..

Why Dukes Say I Do is the first book in the wicked widows series. This is the first chance I have had to read from this author, and I really enjoyed this book, a lot more than I expected. I found this story to be quite enjoyable and fun to read. The setting of this story takes place in the countryside of England, and we see a instant attraction between Isabella and Trevor form. But what I really liked was seeing them form more of a friendship in the beginning, and then it turns into something more deeper.

The characters in this story were quite delightful, and I loved the difference in each of their personalities. The hero of the story, Trevor, has certain characteristics that just makes your thirsty for more. He isn't your normal hero of a regency. He isn't a rake or rogue....but just as tasty. Trevor is honorable and loyal, but from the beginning of the story he has a possessive hold on Isabella. I love his treatment to Isabella and his sisters, so sweet and protective. Isabella is quite strong and I really admired her, especially when you see what she has suffered in her past. But she has major trust issues and I liked the way the author portrays this character, and instills a emotional edge to the story that wraps around your finger, and you just need to find out what happens. Some of the side characters were quite fun: The two younger sisters were funny and heartwarming and I fell in love with them. They reminded me of my sisters and I growing up. Even the best friend of Trevor was delicious and I hope he gets his story with the governess (that would be a good story). You can't help but root for Isabella and Trevor from beginning to end. This story is enchanting, with some sexy chemistry, a bit of intrigue, and a plot that never stops. GUARANTEED TO SWEEP YOU OFF YOUR FEET!!