The Highlander

The Highlander - Elaine Coffman Sophie is the granddaughter of Louis XIV. After her father dies, her cousin forces her to become betrothed to a man that is ruthless and the last man she would ever marry. So she escapes on a ship headed toward Norway, but then the ship sinks and she ends up being washed on shore, where Tavish Graham comes upon her. Tavish then takes her to his brothers home, James who is the Earl of Monleigh. Sophie, even though knowing he is Scottish, doesn't know who she can trust. So she claims that she has lost her memory, but James doubts her honesty. But he allows her to stay in his home for a time, letting her heal, and a fierce attraction builds. James is betrothed to another woman knowing it is time to have a heir. Then he meets Sophie and his blood boils, and so he endeavors to seduce her hoping to make her his mistress, even knowing in his heart he would rather have her as his wife, but responsibility stand in his way. Will James and Sophie be able to find a common ground and trust in their love for each other.

The Highlander is the first in the Graham series, and the first chance I have been able to read from this author. Elaine Coffman has been on my watch for list for quite some time, but I haven't been able to take the time to read her, and now after reading Highlander I am so grateful that I took the risk. The Highlander starts a bit slow I will admit, and I wondered if I would really get into it. But by a third of the way through the book, I was hooked. There was definitely a strong emotional vibe that is vivid throughout all of the story. Once you are completely drawn into the story, its impossible to put this one down. I found myself being captivated by this story, and the heart wrenching emotion between this couple. A intensity is displayed in the plot, and the characters were so captivating, you just ache for them and the situation they are both in.

A stirring and riveting romance that stuns the reader, and is more compelling that imagined. A story which sweeps you away in a world of history, romance and a fierce desire!! COMPELLING TILL THE VERY END!!