The Taming of the Wolf

The Taming of the Wolf - Lydia Dare Quickie Review-Posted Originally on my website: Addicted To Romance

" I dinna ask ye ta come."
"But I came anyway because you're my intended mate," he growled. "I know it. You know it. Even your father knows it. So stop being difficult,"

The Taming Of The Wolf is the fourth in the Westfield Wolves series, and would probably be ranked as one of my favorites so far of this author. Dashiel Thorpe, is a sexy hero, who has you wrapped around his finger from the first chapter. Dash is definitely everything you love about a hero, and I loved the conflict this couple is faced with. I found this story to be endearing and full of charm and sensual tension. Dashiel Thorpe, when he first meets Cait, bites her and without fully realizing it he claims her as his mate. When she flees, he follows her up to Scotland, and a dance of seduction begins. I loved Cait, she has spunk and is very creative in her ways of dealing with Dash, and it was such fun reading their story. It was fun, adventurous, witty and riveting. The story completely draws you in, the powerful connection that is evident between this couple is intoxicating. The characters are endearing. This story is packed with pure sexy fun with a hint of sensuality, and a perfect blend of historical setting and paranormal romance that will capture your heart!!! A GEM OF A READ!!