It Takes a Scandal

It Takes a Scandal - Caroline Linden Sebastian Vane, has come back from the war injured with a shattered leg. His father is going insane, and when his father disappears, the townspeople believe that he is a murderer, and going mad just like his father did. But when a new neighbor move in, with a beautiful daughter, Abigail, his world changes. Abigail, with her parents and younger sister, have just moved to a country manor. When Abigail meets Sebastian in the woods, she sees a man that protects himself, but needs someone to believe in him. Abigail seems much redeemable in him, and doesn't believe the vicious rumors. But right when Abigail is sure of her feelings for Sebastian, a newcomer comes to the area, a Benedict Lennox,who is persistent in his pursuit of her. Now Abigail will have to make a choice: a man that is wealthy and everything her parents want for her, or a man that has won her heart.

It Takes A Scandal is the second book in the Scandals Series. and the most recent book from Caroline Linden. I have always enjoyed this author quite a bit, but I was really excited to read this one. I did enjoy the first book, so I was wondering how this book would compare, and it passed all my expectations for it. When I first read the synopsis, I was thinking, that it would probably be a enjoyable read, but wasn't sure if it would be memorable, and after reading it, I am impressed with the way Linden wove this story.It begins with seeing Sebastian Vane, in search of his missing father, who has recently come back from the war, and is trying to live on meager funds where he barely makes it by. Then he rescues Abigail mothers puppy, and it seems like romance blossoms between them. The first half of the story seems to be a slow and steady love story, where Sebastian and Abigail start to slowly fall in love, and then everything goes crazy when a newcomer comes courting Abigail. This is when things start to really heat up, because this newcomer used to be Sebastian's childhood friend. So tensions are high, and you start to see how strong their connection is, and I loved how Sebastian fought for Abigail, even knowing that he has little to give her but himself.

Sebastian and Abigail were so beautiful together, and I loved them as a couple. At first it seems like Abigail is a normal England miss, however as you go chugging along in the story, you develop a appreciation for her character, and she develops a backbone, she is feisty and a fighter and I totally cheered her on especially toward the end. Sebastian is the tortured hero, despite his bad fortune, he still has dignity and pride, and feels somewhat worthy of Abigail's affections. At first he didn't seem too willing to really fight for her, but he proved me wrong, and what a great way he does it too. There is a slight mystery element packed into the plot, but it doesn't overshadow the romance, and I felt like the love story between Sebastian and Abigail is the center focus of the story, and all the other elements are just icing on the cake. The side characters, especially Abigail's family were witty and fun and engaging. Easy to relate with my own family, and I loved seeing the affection and silly bantering between them.

Overall a mesmerizing romance that is steady paced, sensuality extreme, with a wonderful love story to weaken the knees and have you cheering for this couple!! Guaranteed to overwhelm the senses. OUTSTANDING AND WELL DONE!!