A Kiss of Lies

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Christian Trent, was once well known as a scholar and a lover of women everywhere. Then he came back scarred from the war, and one fateful evening, was wrongfully condemned for a crime he would never commit, and was removed from England, and ended up in Canada, biding his time, to come back to England to have his name cleared and find the one that is behind it all. While in Canada, he takes in a ward, a young girl who recently just lost her parents, and having a fondness for her, decides to take her under his wing and treat her as one of his own. So he goes in search of a governess for her, and finds a Sarah Cooper, who has secrets of her own. Sarah is on the run, hides a painful secret, and all she desires is to make a new life for herself. But while in close proximity to Christian on their way to England, she finds herself giving into the desire she feels for him, for he is the first man to show her the true pleasure of passion, but their future is not guaranteed and she knows that they are in for a battle to a future, because both of their pasts are about to threaten to destroy them both.

A Kiss Of Lies is the first book in this series, and thus begins the never ending adventure of the disgraced lords. This is the first time I have read from this author, and after hearing so many high ratings and reviews, and I knew I had to read this one. So once I picked it up, I was completely immersed in the story line. It sets off at a quick pace though, with very obvious chemistry between Christian and Sarah. Christian is a tortured hero, and has many scars that keeps him from forming any real bond with any woman until he meets Sarah. Sarah doesn't see the scars, she sees the man she once knew, but hurt and damaged from the war, she senses he is the same man, honorable and loyal. We see how Christian and Sarah are completely lost in one another, even in the beginning when Sarah tends to fight him at every corner, even though she wants him more than anything. Sarah has a past herself, and she has both scars on the outside and inside. Your heart goes out to her, and we see how much inner strength she has, and she is a fighter, wanting a life of freedom and love. Christian and Sarah are wonderful together, and what a match. Not only are they emotionally fit for one another, the physical side of their relationship could light one hell of a fire. There is definitely quite a couple of conflicts involved in the story. You see how at the beginning it starts out as a calm connection to a relationship that makes you wonder if and how will they ever get their happily ever after. I really found that the story seemed to ever engaging, and never one dull moment, GUARANTEED. I felt through the whole story that I was constantly at the edge, and I couldn't keep reading fast enough. One of my favorite aspects of the story was how deep and intense the story tended to carry me into. Both of the characters have both been damaged in more ways than one, however you see throughout the whole story they help each other heal and believe in love again.

Overall a winner of romance! A story to take you from the land of Canada, across the ocean to London, with danger mixed with passion, zeal and tantalizing sensuality to capture you from the first page. Come prepared for a adventure of a lifetime, with deep entrenching emotion, enthralling characters, and a plot that never ends~~ I promise that you won't regret this ride that will stun you with its romantic tale to warm your heart.