Warprize - Elizabeth Vaughan Warpize is the first book in the series, and books 1-3 could actually be one big book, since there are no breaks between books, it just starts off from where the previous book left off. Now for quite some time I kept putting these books off, but I finally decided I needed to try it. Now after reading this book I bought books 2 and 3!!! You go into this book, expecting it to be a average historical themed bodice ripper style of book...well nope it wasn't. Now there are some bodice rippers I love, but I have to say that I LOVE LOVED LOVEDDD this book and what a world that this author has created for us. In Warprize the heroine, Lara, is a healer, and she is a princess, and her step brother is the king. They are at war, with the firelanders. She will aid anyone in need, it doesn't matter if they are friend or foe. So she has been visiting the prisoners to help them in their injuries, one night she heals a man that she learns is a high ranking officer to the firelanders, and she protects him, knowing her brother will have him killed. Then in the marketplace she meets a stranger, a man that makes her burn and she feels a connection she has never felt before. This man, is the warlord, who is demanding that she become his warprize. In Lara's mind, that means she will become his slave. Its either she submits to him or her people will be slaughtered. So she does the right thing, and becomes the Warprize. From the first few days, she starts to realize that this Warlord isn't the typical one, he isn't violent or abusive or raping her. He treats her with respect, and lets her heal others, and roam the camp. Lara still fears him, but when she learns what the "Warprize" really means for him and his culture, Lara will be swept away in a world of magic, desire, and love. The Warprize was such a fantastic read, and I would put it up with my favorites list by far. I am so glad I bought this book, because I plan on reading it again in the near future, I just couldn't get enough of this couple. This story had me in tears and laughing the next moment, Lara is a heroine I came to adore, and what strength she had, and she learns to fight for what she wants most. I was really impressed with this author, what a storyteller she is!! A world that she creates that any fan of C.L. Wilson, MUST READ THIS ONE!!! You will have no regrets!! A story of a tender love, enriching characters, and a plot that thickens with each page!! A STORY TO CAPTIVE YOU FROM THE FIRST PAGE!!