Warsworn - Elizabeth Vaughan In the second installment, the "Warsworn" we continue off from where the first book ended. Keir and Lara, are together, and are traveling their way to the plains so that Lara can become the official Warprize from the elders of their people. Lara has left everything she knows for the man she loves, but life is about to get a bit harder than she imagined. They stumble on a village, a village that is suffering from the plague, and despite Kier's protests, Lara goes in with a couple of her guards, and she finds only a couple of people left alive. A sickness, that kills in a few hours, and soon circumstances end up with the forces of the firelanders being contaminated with it, and Lara is fighting to heal and save those she can. Meanwhile, Keir's second in command, is causing turmoil among the camp, causing doubts against their Warlord. In Warsworn, we see more of Keir and Lara, and much more intensity and their bond is about to be tested. We see how these two are not only fighting for each other, but for their people. We see quite a bit of focus on Lara, in this installment, as we see her struggle with events that she has little control over. Where she is fighting for her life and the life of Keir and the future of the Firelanders. Lara has adopted them as her own, and she will do anything to save them. There is quite a bit of emotion displayed in this book, and I got put through the ringer on this one. It definitely isn't a easy one, but very satisfying!! I just kept cheering for this couple, there is so much against them and I just wanted Lara to find a way to win this one. From the first book you begin to really admire Lara, but this installment, you see her being constantly tested, and she comes out on top. I loved seeing Keir fight for his love, and I just wanted to cry in this book. Another win for Elizabeth Vaughan, and what a spectacular ending and I loved how it finishes off, in a way that ties some ends off , and begins new threads that makes you aching to read the next book in the series. Such a beautifully woven story of determination, power of true love and perseverance and to fight for what you believe in, no matter the cost. STUNNING IN ITS DETAIL!!