Fury of Fire

Fury of Fire - Coreene Callahan, Benjamin L. Darcie Fury Of Fire is the first installment in the series, and I was able to get from Audible. I found that Fury of Fire was a well done audiobook. This is the first time that I have read from this author, and I just randomly decided to try this one out after I had read the blurb. I have always had a weakness for dragon shifters, there is something so majestic and intense about them, and after listening to Fire of Fury. The way the story begins fires away instantly, there is no taking a few chapters to get into the story. There is quite a bit of intense emotions and suspense scenes in the first chapter, and the reader is thrown into a story of a world to completely draw you in, and capture your attention, near impossible to put this one down. I was disappointed when this one ended.

The story begins when Myst end up thrown in a world of danger and dragon shifters when her friend is pregnant with a dragon shifter, and dies in the process, and Mist ends up saving the infant's life, and then she meets Bastian who saves her life from enemy dragons they are at war with. Bastian is the leader of his kind, and is fight a war to save his people. He knows with their numbers dwindling he will have to mate soon. The problem is once his mate gives birth she dies from the trauma of it, and he would have to raise his child alone. When he meets Myst, his life gets changed around, and this woman becomes his world. There is a instant attraction between the two, but Myst doesn't admit her feelings for Bastian when he practically kidnaps her to his lair; which is practically a palace. Bastian can never let Myst go, and he must prove to her that she is his and he would never let her go.

Overall I fell in love with Bastian and Myst, and most especially this world that has been created. The relationship between the two is priceless and very emotionally driven at times. I couldn't help but feel for this couple, there is quite a bit of a danger element as well, the level of intensity rises with each chapter, and the reader will feel like your on a roller coaster, but what a fantastic ride you are on!! Thrilling, passionate, vividly real, and tenderly poignant. A REMARKABLE GEM!!!