Fury of Seduction

Fury of Seduction  - Coreene Callahan, Benjamin L. Darcie Mac has recently joined the Dragonfury's. He has just discovered that he is a shifter dragon, and a water dragon which is rare. Mac always knew that there was something more for his life than he ever thought possible. Now though, he is a newbie, and as such his pack is not letting him fight which is what he is aching to do. He craves a good fight but then he discovers that he has a mate and one that is in danger of being captured by the Razorbacks. Tania, is determined to save her sister, who is in prison for killing her boyfriend who planned on killing them both. After returning from seeing her, she finds her car thrown off a cliff, and she is put in a air bubble in the middle of the ocean. Tania would love to kill Mac when she gets her hands on him. But after saving her from the Razorbacks he takes her to their lair, and Tania is thrown into a world of danger and passion and the most tender love she has ever known.

Fury of Seduction is the third in the series, and I was able to get a hold of this one through Audible. I have really enjoyed listening to this series, and the Narrator does a great job in his inflections and portraying the story in a very real and genuine way. I do love the concept of a water dragon, and boy does he have some neat tricks up his sleeve. Even though he is new at being part of the Dragonfury's, you see that he catches on super quickly, even so fast that it surprises his fellow brothers. I just adored Mac from the beginning, he is tough as nails and delicious enough to lick all over. He has power and has the tendency to be creative and he sets the stage for the story. Mac is aggressive and dominating at times, and even though there is a light level of bdsm elements involved in the story, its not too strong at all, and I started to enjoy that aspect. Tania is a tough heroine, she is willing to stand up to Mac and do what is right and I enjoyed seeing the varying depths of her personality that I felt matched up with Mac's perfectly. The story line is intense and thick with danger and suspense and is never ending with tension and what a powerful love story this author delivers!!!