The Cowboy of Valentine Valley

The Cowboy of Valentine Valley - Emma Cane The Cowboy of Valentine Valley is the third installment of the Valentine Valley series. Now this is a new author for me, and I am really starting to like her writing. I tend to be picky about contemporaries, but throw a sexy cowboy in the mix, and I am hooked. Although after reading this one, made me wish I had read the second book. I wasn't too lost but as I was reading this story, I felt like it would be a advantage to read this series in order. However despite all that, I found this story to be quite a stirring read. It definitely has quite a bit of displayed emotion that sets the reader on edge. It was interesting seeing this couple together. They both have come from totally opposite sides of the tracks. Whitney, is from a high class family, with plenty of wealth. But she is far from being a snob. She ends up creating her own business and is now setting up the third location in Valentine Valley. Josh is quite a busy bee, having his days filled with business on the ranch and working with leather and other talents. Josh and Whitney keep ending up together, and we see the beginning of a slow courtship.

The first half of the book does start out slow, so it does take a little while to get fully immersed into the story. But I felt once the plot picked up paced a bit, that's when it starts to really get interesting. Of course I don't wish to spoil the story for those that haven't read it, but I really love the turn of events when Whitney's family comes to visit, and boy do tensions rise. complications interfere with the pleasant and comfortable relationship that Whitney and Josh have going on. Now there are some battles they both have to face if they wish for a HEA for each other and themselves. The characters in the story are easy to love and very warm and inviting to the reader. They don't 100% capture the heart, but I found myself being captivated by the beautiful bond that Whitney and Josh have.

In this story, we see that no matter the background, that two people can make a relationship work, even if its a bit bumpy and rocky. There is such a free spirited feeling to this story that is woven in such a way, it will steal your heart!