I Adored a Lord

I Adored a Lord - Katharine Ashe Ravenna Caulfield, is one of the three sisters, was raised on a humble farm and has a great love for animals. Ravenna has been brought to a country house, with a few other young ladies, to try to catch the eye of the prince. While exploring the barn she stumbles across some puppies, and finds a runt that she would love to keep. Then a strange man enters and they stumble across each other, which leads to a sensual kiss, but leads them to coming across a dead corpse in a suit of armor. Soon Ravenna and Vitor start working together to find the murderer. Vitor is the brother of the prince, and has been brought here to watch over the potential brides but there is one potential that draws his eye like no other. She stirs fire in his blood and he just can't get her out of his mind. When intrigue and mystery force them to work together, he seems a woman with deep passion and resolutions, one who has dreams and a beautiful soul. If only he can convince her of his love and devotion, then they might have a somewhat normal relationship....or maybe not!!

I Adored A Lord is the second book the in Prince Catcher series. This series is based on a sisterhood, who are told that one of them will marry a prince, a prince that holds the answers to their true identities. In this story there isn't much focus on that at all, not like the first book was anyway. But I still enjoyed myself quite a bit in this one. The focus on this story was mainly solving a murder, and the romance that develops between Ravenna and Vitor. Vitor is quite a character, he is one determined man, and still goes after his "prey" after she has bitten and attacked him just for kissing her. Ravenna is the type of heroine you just like....she is feisty, and has lived in humble means, she has never known wealth or prestige. She adores animals and people even. She has a sensitive heart and I liked her from the start. She doesn't have a hidden exterior, she shows her true self every moment and I loved that. She wasn't afraid to show her true self. Their relationship is very slow going, but starts to pick up more the more they get closer to solving the murder. My only thing I wished there was more focus on was their was a good one, but I felt like something was missing. It just needed a bit more but I did enjoy this story quite a bit, and I can't wait to read the third sisters book.

Overall a charming and sweet read, with a mix of danger and mystery....with some sensuality and desire rolled into a quality read. Be ready to be drawn into a story of adventure, intrigue and stimulating romance!! LOVED it!!!