One Night With You

One Night With You - Sophie Jordan Lady Jane's life has changed, ever since her husband died a year previously and she became a widow. Now she is living with her in laws, practically a servant to every whim and need. When a opportunity arises to leave for one evening, and attend a ball...she jumps at the chance. So dressed in a beautiful gown with jewelry to match, she goes to enjoy one night for herself. She then comes across a man, whom she has loved most of her life, who broke her heart, and now doesn't even recognize who she is. Seth has been damaged by war and battles, and has come home with scars both on the outside and on the inner core of himself. He knows he will need to marry so he can have a heir, but when he comes across a seductress at a masked ball one evening, he will do all to find her. After sharing a passionate night together, Jane goes back to her unoriginal life, but when Seth keeps crossing her path, not knowing she is the mysterious "Aurora" with who he has shared sensual nights with, she knows it can never last. But when something unexpected happens, and they are forced together, and when the truth comes out, there will be some walls this couple will have to climb, in order to find the happiness they are both aching for in each other....

One Night With You is a single title by Sophie Jordan. I have fallen in love with this author, and each time I read her I am amazed on her storytelling capabilities and how they completely draw me in. This story is a fairy tale based romance. It definitely has a Cinderella theme quite strongly in the story. Jane is Cinderella, and Seth is the prince. Jane is living a life that a servant normally lives, without being paid only with her husbands relations being "gracious" enough to provide a roof over her head. There is one man she loves and craves even after all of these years, Seth Rutledge. Seth once loved her sister, but she broke his heart, and he has never been the same. But when Jane enters his life, his world comes crumbling when he finds himself in love with two women, not knowing they are the same person. One Night With You is the perfect title for this story. We see how these two keep coming together for one night, not knowing if they would see each other after the night was over. The only major conflict really is this huge secret that Jane is keeping from Seth, not revealing who she truly is. There is also a sub plot romance with Seth's sister. It was fun seeing these two come together and I couldn't have pictured Seth learning the truth any better. Quite the creative genius is Sophie Jordan.

There is quite a bit to enjoy in One Night With You. Jordan has created a beautifully crafted romance of a couple that need each other more than neither see. A fairy tale romance that is guaranteed to steal your heart, and keep you enraptured all the way through. Get ready for a romance that will make you cry and bring out various emotional responses from the reader! TOTALLY STUNNING!!!