Pleasing the Pirate

Pleasing the Pirate - Sharon Cullen Phin is a pirate, and his life is in the hands of finding one man. The king of England will only spare his life, if he brings a rebel and traitor to him. Phin knows that with his life on the line, he doesn't have a choice. So he takes a ship, up to Scotland, where the sister of the traitor he is seeking, lands in his cabin, with a gun being pointed at him. Mairi has done everything she could for her clan and people, that are suffering every day. She knows they need their laird to return, her brother. However her brother left years ago, and she received a missive from him that he has been captured. So she steals aboard Phin's ship, to make him find her brother and return him to her. The pirate captain is far different from what she ever imagined. Young, virile, with eyes that see the very core of her, she agrees to the conditions he sets forth. Now they are on a mission together, to find her brother, even though Phin hasn't revealed his true reasons for wanting to find the location of her brother. When the truth comes out, will Phin and Mairi's love survive the test and find their happily ever after...

Pleasing the Pirate is the second book that I have had the pleasure of reading. Pleasing The Pirate is a ARC that was offered to me in return for a honest review. So I decided to try this one out. It has been a while since I had read this author. Frankly I have a weakness for sexy pirates, especially with the time period. It is set in the 1700's, where England was suppressing Scotland in a variety of ways. We see the struggle that Mairi has had to go through, that hundreds of women struggled with. You see a inner strength in Mairi that is very appealing to the reader. You see how she is willing to fight with every breath she has for the safety and well being of her people. Phin is faced with a difficult choice, and his characters seems so real and larger than life at times. Phin as the hero, who was mouthwatering sexy, who displayed the kind of man any woman would be proud to be by her side. He does have quite a few faults, but with those faults we see the human side to this story, that speaks to the reader in its truest form. This story was very rich in history and the complexity of issues involving the Scots and the English. There is a higher level of conflict than I anticipated, and I enjoyed seeing this author weave a beautiful woven romance around historical events that really happened.

Pleasing The Pirate is such a wonderfully written historical romance, that is full of historical events, enticing characters, and a story line to keep you on the edge and waiting in anticipated for the next scene to send thrills down your spine!!! PURELY SENSATIONAL!!