Black and Blue

Black and Blue - Gena Showalter Originally published on my website: Addicted To Romance. Rated as a DNF.

I had high expectations for Black and Blue, especially after loving the first book. But unfortunately I had to put this book down. After 100 pages, and I wasn't into it, I decided to set it aside for now, and maybe at some time at a later date I will pick it up again. But with all the books on my schedule I need to read, I knew I couldn't keep trying to read this after three days. One of the problems I think was my issue with the heroine, Evangaline Black. From the beginning I knew I wouldn't connect with her character at all. She seems to have the personality that just clashed in the story, and I practically had to force myself to keep reading as much as I did. A part of me wanted to try reading further, but I felt like I would have felt this way through most of it. I do hope to eventually try reading it again, maybe I will enjoy it then.