Duncan - D.B. Reynolds Duncan has been at Raphael's side for over a hundred years, ever since he was first turned. Now it is time for Duncan to become a vampire lord, and his territory will be Washington D.C. where secrets and betrayal are abundant. He will do everything to make it is, no matter who gets in his way. Emma Duquet, is searching for her best friend and roommate who disappeared, and she knows that a vampire is responsible. Emma is tough as nails, but when she encounters Duncan, all her toughness goes out the window. Duncan can't help but feel drawn to Emma, whose vulnerability and beauty speak to his soul. He has never known such tenderness toward anyone, except his closest friends. Now that he has just taken over his new territory he must take care, but he can't help but resist Emma and her plea for help. As they search for those that have been committing atrocious acts, a fierce desire flares between Duncan and Emma, a desire that threatens to consume them or build a stronger love than either of them imagined.

Duncan is the fifth installment in the series. D.B. Reynolds, with the help of Belle Books, has been re publishing this series, with such beautiful covers. I think Duncan is my favorite, and I love the blue background with the blond hair with this beautiful specimen, I could definitely look at him all day. When I was able to get a copy of this ARC through Netgalley and Bellebooks, I was excited and downloaded it right away and could hardly wait to read it. I have been waiting for Duncan's story ever since I first saw his character in the first book Raphael. We do see a little of Raphael and Cyn but not nearly as much as the previous books, but I was okay with that. It was nice to have this story to have more focus on Duncan and Emma. We actually see their first interaction pretty close to the beginning of the story. We see instant fire and sparks between these two and oh boy you could build a fire with that heat. Duncan and Emma are magical together. I felt like they were such a good fitted pair, and evenly matched. Duncan may be a powerful vampire lord, but he has battled like nothing when it comes to Emma. You see his love for Emma that rings like crystal glass. The reader almost becomes envious. Emma is darling, and I love her strength and resilience, and her way of not giving in to Duncan's orders, but handling him like a mate and not one of his minions. She definitely knows how to handle him and it was exciting seeing these two get over the hills and rocks to true love. There is quite a bit of a conflict involved, where you see secrets revealed and a betrayal you never expect or see coming.

Overall a stunning vampire romance that takes your breath away with every chapter. A tale of a love that is hard fought and worth every moment. Characters that instill a charming quality to entice the reader. And a powerfully written story to make the reader weak in the knees and cheering for this couple in finding their HEA! MAJESTICALLY DONE!!!