Fury of Desire

Fury of Desire - Coreene Callahan Fury of Desire is Wick's story...oh my beautiful him to pieces. From the first book we see him as remote and quiet, but very fierce and scary at times. Wick has a horrible past, he has suffered tortured and he is the perfect match for J.J. because he undestands her in a way no one ever has. J.J. has been in jail for the past five years, for killing a man that was going to kill both her and her sister and she would do anything to protect her sister. When she gets injured Wick comes and rescues her but everything changes from the moment they first meet and Wick realizes that she could be his greatest hope to find peace and a chance to true love. This story is quite a tale of excitement and mystery and danger. There is plenty of dragon action and I loved seeing all my other favorite characters play a role in this story. Fury of Desire is a thrilling tale of adventure, sexy shifter dragons, and a level of intensity it will put fog on your windows. SEXY AND PASSIONATE!!!