Bunny and the Bear

Bunny and the Bear - Eve Langlais
Bunny and the Bear is a witty and flirty romance that had me laughing all the way through; I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. The idea of a bunny shifter alone? That was strange at first but these two were fireworks together. Chase is a grump were bear, a lawyer, sleeps longs hours and eat enough food for a army in one meal, and loves his sweets especially his honey. Miranda is flirty and energetic and care free, who would ever see these two together right? Miranda is part of the Furry Coalition, and her job is to protect Chase from mad scientists, but at the same time wants to show this bear how to have fun. This story was so different from other shifter romances, it had a more lighter tone to the story I really liked, and I loved the chemistry and the suspense aspect of the plot as well. The Bunny and Bear actually worked splendid together. And the story had a few surprises that were shocking but delightful!! A bit shorter than I expected, but a wonderful story of sexy shifter, playful scenes and a story to knock you down laughing. WELL DONE!!