Redemption of the Duke

Redemption of the Duke - Gayle Callen Adam Chamberlin, The Duke of Rothford, has returned from serving in the army, after his two older brothers are killed by a fever, and now he is the new Duke of Rothford. Adam never expected such responsibility to be heaped on his shoulders. Even though before he enlisted, he was a rogue, who loved women, drinking and gambling. Now he has changed, and not just because of his new status. Over the years he has changed from a young man with no care, to a man tormented with his own demons wanting redemption and forgiveness. When he and three of his friends make a pact, to seek redemption for a decision that changed their lives....the one woman that give him full redemption is Faith Cooper. Faith, even though raised differently, has no choice to seek a position as a servant, when her brother is killed, and she and her mother must fend for themselves. She knows that she will probably live a life as a spinster, even though she craves a man to love. She is shocked with a Duke comes to her, offering her a place of refuge and a position that would alter her life. Faith is independent, and doesn't want to lose what she has worked hard for. But there is a attraction between Faith and Adam, one that neither can deny...a attraction that could heal both of them and have them believing in happy ever after and a future if they will trust in the love they hold for one another...

Redemption of The Duke is the third installment in this latest series by Gayle Callen. Over the years I have come to appreciate Callen's writing and the beautiful way she weaves a romance, and so I had high hopes for this one. Especially after reading the blurb and boy this just sexy right? Well this book is full of intense characters, sensual scenes, and a wonderful love story that makes your heart skip a beat. The only big issue I had with this book was how long it took me to get into it. It did take a while, I was finding it very enjoyable but wasn't fully into the story until about 1/3 of the way through, and then I felt like the pace picked up and then that is when the story really got interesting. the later half of the story I was having a hard time putting down, and I really enjoyed seeing Adam and Faith come together. There is quite a bit of tension and conflict between the two, especially in the beginning. But we see that after they overcome some issues, their romance blossoms, and things between them start to come together. Of course then we see a bit of a mysterious element inserted into the story. and then the plot really thickens, and there was definitely enough material in this story to give it that romantic flair that tug at those heartstrings.

Overall a stunning romantic tale of two people that need each other more than they realize. Two people that both need redemption and will only find it in each other. With a light sensual twist, characters to make your day brighten, and a plot that will keep you guessing until the end. QUITE REMARKABLE!!!