Woo'd in Haste

Woo'd in Haste - Sabrina Darby Woo'd In Haste is the first book in the Taming series, and it sets the stage for the series. Woo'd In Haste is a very short novella, with only 100 pages, so it only took a hour to read, but I did feel like it didn't feel that short, which is a rare occurrence for a novella. I really enjoyed this sweet and delectable romance that just makes you sigh by the end. The romance is well developed and isn't instantaneous which usually happens with short stories. This one felt more gradual and I enjoyed seeing these two come together. The heat level in the story is pretty low, which I didn't mind, since I do prefer a story that the focus is on the love story and development of the relationship between the two characters. It definitely one to relax into on a warm summers day I didn't have any big issues with this story, it wasn't a 5 star or anything, just a enjoyable and satisfying read that encompasses you like the warmth of the sun. A TRULY TENDER TALE OF LOVE AND TRUST.