Knight of Love

Knight of Love - Catherine LaRoche First off I want to say that I spent almost a week trying to get this one read. And when I was about halfway through the story, I decided to just let it go. I have always felt you shouldn't force yourself to read something. Especially when there are so many other books I would like to read. I don't think it was the author's style of writing that let me down on this one, the main reason really surprised me, but it was the hero's character. I loved the heroine way more than the hero. Now don't get me wrong Wolfram is very likable but a bit too much for me. His character just didn't seem to fit him. I guess my biggest issue with him was that he was "knightly". Wanting to woo his lady, but the way he talked just slowed my pace in the story and even though I was curious to see how this ends, I knew that I couldn't keep going into it when my heart wasn't in the story. I feel especially bad because this is a ARC and I always like to finish them if possible, however I feel that even though there were certain aspects I really enjoyed: for example the setting in Germany, quite a bit of danger and a feisty heroine. So in the beginning I really thought I would fall in love and I think if the hero seemed more realistic to the time period than I would have enjoyed it a bit more. I hope one day to come back to this book later but for right now I think its time to just set it aside.