Air Bound

Air Bound - Christine Feehan Originally Posted At Addicted To Romance

Airiana has had special gifts, and her gifts are seeing patterns in the air, whether it be clouds or fog, she can manipulate air to suit her needs. When she was fourteen years old, her gifts put her in a government program, one that resulted in the death of her mother. So Airiana flees and runs and finds herself living on a farm with five other women who have suffered as she has, who also have special gifts, and have created a unique sisterhood. One evening a fog rolls in, and she ends up captured and held aboard a ship by Maxim Prakenskii. Maxim Prakenskii, one of the brothers, has his own gifts and they also deal with air patterns just like Airiana. Maxim had been separated from his brothers as a boy, and trained to be a Russian assassin. Maxim is on a mission, to protect Airiana until he can deliver her safely to her father. But soon both Maxim and Airiana are on the run for their lives, danger at every corner, and only together will they be able to survive and have a future...together.

Air Bound is the third book in the sisters of the heart series. I want to say that this series has a warm place in my heart. Every book I have read from this series I have fallen in love with and Air Bound is no different. I have to say that when I had read Jolie's story with Ilya Prakenskii, I was really intrigued with these brothers. And now we get to see all of them get their happy endings. Maxim Prakenskii, is one tough man that you don't want to cross, and he has a protective streak a mile wide especially when it comes to Airiana. Airiana has issues she needs to deal with and has vulnerabilities, but she has incredible inner strength and I loved seeing her come into action and fight by Maxim's side when he needed her to be strong. Max and Airiana are one hell of a pair, and they work in sync with each other, and even though Maxim is like all of the Prakenskii men-Alpha to the extreme, they also have tender soft spots for their women, and even though their lives are in danger Maxim lets Airiana fight with him and it creates a unique twist to the story.

There is such a strong connection between Airiana and Maxim, and I loved every moment. One thing I have loved about this series, is that there is such a perfect balance in her plots, and you never feel unsettled and having a hard time catching up. In Air Bound there is a balance between plot, development of characters, steamy scenes, and those sweet romantic moments you just want to keep in your memory forever. We see a strong focus on the emotional connection between Maxim and Airiana, it makes the other more heated moments, even more sexy and powerful and intense.

I will say that this book may be one of my top favorites from this author. It has such a splendid combination of heated sensuality, action packed scenes, characters to adore, and a plot to mesmerize you until the last page. EXPLOSIVELY BRILLIANT!!!