The Cowboy and the Princess

The Cowboy and the Princess - Lori Wilde Brady, doesn't like to be tied down, so he travels from town to town, healing horses. Brady just wants to feel freedom and not have to stick in one place. While heading to Jubilee, to do work for a friend, he sees a hitchhiker, he tells himself he will not bring one of his main rules, but when he sees its a woman, cold and wet with eyes that sear him...he is lost. Princess Annabella, has run away to have a few weeks of freedom before she is put in her prison of a marriage. All of her life she has craved freedom and do what she wants. She has no choice over the man she will marry, but she has a choice to live her dream even if for a little while. When she meets Brady, who rescues her, she is intrigued with his "lone wolf" personality. He seems just perfect for what she needs, but as they spend more time together, and a passion erupts, what is temporary, could turn into losing their hearts to one another...but will the secrets that both Brady and Annie are keeping tear them apart or tie them closer together?

The Cowboy and the Princess is the second installment in this series. I have recently come to love this author, and I am really falling in love with this series. I love my sexy cowboys...and Brady fits the bill in my book. This story is so what I needed...full of laughter, tender passion, and a sweet love story to curl your toes. I could hardly put this one down....the theme of this story is up my ally, and the conflict is so entrenched in the story, you can't keep but be involved in the story.

The story begins with Annie trying to hitch hike...and then meets a reluctant cowboy who takes her to have a bowl of chili, trying to hide from her bodyguards, she kisses him in front of everyone, and Brady is lost and he knows it. Brady is the type of hero that will resist anything that will have him settle down...especially gorgeous women who are damsels in distress. Brady I fell in love with, I love the way we see a portion of his thoughts in the book, and he argues with himself and its quite humorous and adds a delightful flavor to the story. I loved Annabelle, she is very unique, and far different from other heroines that this author has written. She is a princess, and doesn't understand certain "common sense" and its make for a fun spin to the style of the story. Even though I am not a huge fan of dogs in real life, I adore seeing them in books....and these two dogs in this story were charming and fun, and it was quite a ball of delight to see how they fit into the plot and the unique relationship with Brady and Annie.

Overall a tasty western romance to make you want to yell "Yee Haw" at the end. Sexy cowboys, naive and sheltered royal, dogs to give you a head spin, and a story to keep you guessing and captivated till the a whopper of a surprise that will give you thrills from head to toes!!! SATISFYINGLY SWEET AND CHARMING!!