Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here

Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here - Christine Warren Danice Carter, is a attorney, and has worked hard to be working at a prestigious firm. A firm that isn't her dream, but she is content. Then she is asked to do a important job, by the CEO of the company, a job that if she fails she will lose her job. So her client goes missing, and when she goes searching for her, in a strange mansion, she finds herself facing a stranger, that stirs her blood. McIntyre, is a private investigator, half fae, and is searching for a missing woman, the same woman that Danice is searching for. At first he refuses to let her in on the investigation, but when she proves to be persistent, he knows he has little choice. When McIntyre and Danice journey together in the realm of the fae, A journey that they will be thrust into danger and magic, and a passion will burst between them and give them both a chance for happiness?

Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here is the third book in the series. I have recently discovered Christine Warren, and with each book I read I fall in love with her more. This was a charming and endearing story that packs a paranormal punch. The story is a sweet and tender one, and I really enjoyed the way this author writes this one. Very different from the last book I read. We get a introduction into another form of paranormal life, we see a world of the fae--more focus on the Unseelie court. The story begins with Danice and Mac meeting in a abandoned house...and fireworks happen. There is a instant chemistry between Danice and Mac, and the story seems to fly though once these two meet.

Mac, is quite different for a hero, but there was so much to love about him. He definitely has a commanding presence, handsome and sensual, but he also has the tendency to work with others, apart from his birth fae mother that abandoned him at birth. He has close ties to family, and isn't afraid of sharing emotion or his feelings for Danice. Danice is independent, established in her career, and has everything she thinks she needs, until she meets Mac. Danice is full of surprises, she isn't afraid of saying what is on her mind, even when she is in great danger. I love how spirited she is, and she isn't one to deny the truth. I love how accepting she is of Mac and his differences. She is bold and daring and her personality is so endearing. The connection between Mac and Danice is passionate and powerful.

Overall a romance that sizzles and burns!! A charming story of magic, and a world of paranormal beings, A must read for any who love a solid romance with a kick. Sassy and Fun!!