What a Lady Most Desires

What a Lady Most Desires - Lecia Cornwall Delphine St. James, has known for Stephen for quite some time, having watched him from afar, she has admired him for years. She has never had a chance to show him of her true feelings until they dance together and when he is called away to war, they share a kiss that could rival fireworks. In the battle Stephen ends up injured, shot and blind, claimed a traitor and thief. His closest friend takes him in, with Delphine as his nurse and companion. Delphine is in love with Stephen, and has been for a long time. Now she has a chance to prove her devotion to the one man that holds her heart. Stephen has no idea where to go from here. He is being accused of a crime he didn't commit, and he is injured and can't see a thing. But as Delphine helps him slowly with his recovery, he learns that his desire for her is turning into something stronger...but he has no future and he refuses to take her down with him. But a woman in love is stronger than he imagined and could be his saving grace.

What A Lady Most Desires by Lecia Cornwall is one inspirational romance. Its the third in the series, and this book follows the previous one 'Secret Life of Lady Julia'. It deals with quite a few issues, but I loved the way that Lecia creates a story in a way that really pulls you in, and from the beginning I was hooked on the story. About mid way through the story, it seemed as if the story really steps back and slows down. You really have to stick with it, but after really picks up. I loved the way that this story really pulls together in the end...and what a story!! Worth every moment.

We see a connection with these two from their first dance and kiss, and then after Stephen gets injured, they are put together again...and the romance is very slow and steady for a while. We see them build a friendship which slowly turns into something stronger. The only problem I had with the story was wondering how Delphine loved someone she didn't really know....but it was pretty amazing seeing this couple really come together and by the end....all I have to say is I am fully impressed with the way this story was handled....WELL DONE!! We see issues that had to be dealt with back in that time period and it was pretty emotional and stimulating!! A sweet and tender romance that won my heart!! CHARMED!!