Once More, My Darling Rogue

Once More, My Darling Rogue - Lorraine Heath Drake Darling comes with a past, a past that haunts him but has shaped who he is. Drake can't deny his parentage, and was then adopted by a aristocratic family, and knows the ins and outs of the Ton. There is one lady, that haunts him and makes him burn...Lady Ophelia Lyttleton. A woman that spites him and rejects him at every opportunity, but when he rescues her from a drowning, he takes her home, and discovers that she has no idea who she is. So he settles her in his home as his housekeeper, thinking a bit of revenge will be good for her. Ophelia may not have her memory, but as she starts to begin a new life, she is confused and disoriented at times, but she feels drawn to Drake. She knows that he is keeping some secrets from her, and even though she has her doubts, she sees a man that is good and true, a man she is beginning to love and one she never wants to lose, even if that means never regaining her memory.

Once More My Darling Rogue is the second book in the Scandalous Gentleman series. This series is connected to one of her previous series " Scoundrels Of St. James". I loved seeing the connection between these two series. I fell in love with the first series a while ago, and is one of the comfort reads that makes you laugh and engages you, and this series has definitely done the same. In this latest installment we definitely see many positive attributes of this story that will just break your heart. There were times I was laughing, and many times the moments between the characters were so tender and poignant I needed a few tissues. I loved the raw emotion that is displayed in the story and I just couldn't get enough. Lorraine Heath has done it again!! She has written a story to warm you heart and thrill you to the core.

One of my favorite aspects of this story is the "Amnesia" theme, I always love guessing when that memory is going to come rolling back, and in this tale, it comes back when you least expect it. At the beginning of the story there is quite a bit of tension between Drake and Ophelia. Ophelia at first, I didn't like her much, seems a bit stuck up but you sense that there is more to her character than meets the eye. Drake is a scoundrel, and just like his adopted father, he part owns a gentleman's club "Dodgers" but knows both sides of the "tracks" and he definitely adds a element to the story that is thrilling and unique. The idea of making the woman he likes but hates too, to become his servant, adds a fun flair to the story line....and he definitely stirs things up.

I enjoyed seeing how this story played out in the end. Once More, My Darling Rogue is a romantic tale of redemption, love and forgiveness. There is such a emotional feel to it, and definitely is a ride of ups and downs, twists and turns, surprises and shocks, laughter and passion....and a beautiful love story that will worm its way into your heart~~fun filled and a sweet story that had me from the beginning!!WELL DONE HEATH....YOU HAVE WON ME OVER ONCE AGAIN!!!