Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon I have recently come to adore this series, and I started at some of the earlier books...where you start to really love Acheron, and the moment this book became available to me through a free online audio library that is available through my local library....I just had to pick this one up. It is a long one, and since it is a audio book it took me some time to get through it. To be honest, the first half of the really difficult to get through. It starts at the beginning of seeing his mother who was forced to give him up so he could survive not knowing what he would go through. When he is born a twin to a mortal queen, he should have been adored and treated like a prince right?? Wrong!! The only difference in looks between himself and his twin..his swirling silver eyes. Those eyes made him be rejected by his family except for one person...his older sister Rissa.

We see Acheron as a little boy being abused and beaten by his father, then skip years later to when he was a teenager...and oh the things we see I just wanted to cry for him. Rissa loves her brother, even though she is naive to the ways of her family and the ways of the world....she adores her brother. The rest of his mortal life is heartbreaking, and I will warn you, you need a box of tissues. Then Artemis steps in and I the more you see the way she uses him ....I wanted to strangle that "Heffer goddess" (according to Simi). Then we see him find out his true parentage, and events turn pretty crazy and we the man he becomes as he is in the present. There is so much depth and character to Acheron....he blew me away!! What a man and a god....amazing!! LOVE him so much!! But does it end there?? no he needs to have his happy ending right? An the woman for him is NOT artemis...thank goodness!!

We see a young woman enter into the story...a woman that is the perfect mate for Acheron in every way. She is everything he needs to heal from the past. Everyday he is reminded of his past and it haunts him. Tory is a historian and archaeologist. She is passionate about her work. Her family has been mocked and ridiculed...and is determined to make sure her parent's deaths are redeemed, by bringing honor and dignity and respect to their life's work...the find of Atlantis. She knows it exists. But at a presentation, of the most renown scientists and historian's she is mocked by Acheron. Acheron is shocked to see that this small woman may be the means to destroying him. No one must know the truth of his past or his connection to Atlantis. It could destroy the world. At first Tory only sees a man that dresses in black, handsome, but a scoundrel, wears piercings and is dangerous. She thinks him a college frat boy who doesn't know anything....little does she know that he is older than she could imagine. The romance is a bit rocky at first, but when Tory is in danger from enemies unknown to even Acheron...he knows he must protect her at all costs. Acheron and Tory form a strong link to each other...a bond that begins with friendship and then to a burning passion. Acheron knows he can't have this woman, who is beautiful and spirited and passionate...a woman too good for the likes of him. But Tory....she fights and protects those she calls loved ones...and when she starts falling in love with him. She realizes she would do anything for this one would keep her from him even Acheron himself. Then Simi steps in and well we all love Simi, and I wondered how she would be with Tory....and have no fear I can just see them shopping together. Simi is charming, with a love of BBQ sauce, protector of Acheron and bitter enemy of Artemis ( who wouldn't love this demon who worms her way into your heart)

The romance between Acheron and Tory is passionate, vibrant and riveting in the emotional sense. When Acheron learns to trust the one woman he has loved more than any other....he believes she will reject him but I love a strong heroine, and Tory is a favorite of mine. She has such strength, and is willing to stand up for Acheron in such a way that breaks your heart!! After reading the first half and really seeing the kind of man Acheron is....and then to see Tory and the way she is with him and the manner in which she fights for the man she is truly breathtaking. The love between them is so tender yet wildly passionate. It tugs at your heart strings, and sings a tune of deep love and devotion, fighting for your mate, and a tale to bring tears to your eyes yet a smile on your face.An epic romance story guaranteed to enthrall you!!!