The Laird

The Laird - Grace Burrowes Michael and Brenna have been married for over ten years, and were betrothed since childhood. Michael left ten years previous to fight in the war, and now he has returned and he barely knows Brenna. Brenna has had to fight for keeping their home, she has had to face enemies within the clan to keep them above water, and now her husband has finally remembered he has a wife and people who care about him. In the beginning of his return Brenna has inner demons that is keeping her from being fully Michael's wife. Michael is impressed with how well Brenna has managed things so far since he has been gone. Michael doesn't want to see the animosity between Brenna and his people. But as he starts to woo his wife and convince her of his love for her, he starts to see her strength and fortitude. Michael begins to see that its not as simple as wooing his wife, he will have to win her heart as well as her affections.

The Laird is the third in the Captive Hearts series. I think out of this series so far, that The Laird is my favorite. This series has been quite a ride so far, and I would say probably some of my favorite books from this author. I loved the theme of this series, and each book has done a great job in the implementation. We see how each pair in each of the books have to fight for love, and The Laird is no different. This story is all about sacrifice and trust. Both of the characters in the story even though married, have never made love, they barely know each other, and have been separated for ten years. The story begins as a courtship, a chance for these two to reconnect, but life seems to get in the way of these two. You begin to develop a kinship to the heroine, she has heart and gumption and is not afraid to fight for what is hers. You can tell that she has some skeletons in the closet, that she has been keeping from Michael. Skeletons that she fears and that haunt her daily. She and Michael's uncle are at odds with each other (but for good reason), and the more you delve deeper in the story the more that you begin to appreciate her courage and will. Michael is a charmer and romantic. I love the way he goes about weakening Brenna's defenses and showing her how genuine his feelings are for her.

The plot of the story is steady paced and didn't feel rushed or too slow. I felt like it was just right for the theme of the story and knowing how Burrowes writes, not unexpected. But there were quite a few surprises along the way that really will shock you to the core. But I loved the way she puts the story together and it really comes together in the end in such a way that is perfectly well suited to the story. I loved seeing it unravel in slow degrees, that was enjoyable and enthralling. A story to remember, a tale to fall for and a experience that will burn in you!!! EXCEPTIONAL!!!