The Groom Says Yes

The Groom Says Yes - Cathy Maxwell I received a ARC from Avon Book and Edelweiss in return for a honest review.

Mac, finds himself in jail, and sentenced to be hanged for a crime he didnt' commit...murder. But then he is aided to escape and even though he could leave the country and start a new life he just wants to be cleared of all charges and find the real murderer. And he has a name, the name of the man who bore testimony against him in court, Robert Davidson. So Mac goes in searching for Davidson, in wanting justice and a dose of honesty from the man. Sabrina Davidson, has been a loyal daughter, after years of taking care of her mother who was a invalid, and now two years have passed since she has lost her mother. Her father she rarely sees, but she care for dearly. When walking home, she comes upon a man that is close to death, and so she brings him home and helps aid him in healing. When he awakens though, she learns of some startling truths that come revealed, truths that lead back to her father and uncle, and soon Sabrina will have to choose between the duty to her family or the man she loves....

The Groom Says Yes is the third book in the series by Cathy Maxwell. This author has been one of my favorites in the past, but lately her books haven't really stirred me lately. So I was a bit apprehensive upon reading this one, however after reading it, even though it doesn't have the full spark of her past books, I did see parts of it. The story itself has a solid plot that is full of mystery and intrigue and has some twists and turns to keep you guessing. However I felt like there were sections of the story that didn't really feel like I could connect with. The romance between Mac and Sabrina wasn't really there until the last part of the book, which was a bit disappointing. It didn't take me too long to read this story, however I did feel like through some portions of the book I had to force myself to continue. Then there were other sections that I couldn't get through fast enough. So the pacing of the story wasn't steady and constant, there were definitely bumps here and there, but I did enjoy reading this one, especially the later half of the story.

The characters in this one were very interesting. Mac is a Irish nobleman, and is wrongly accused and he is determined to find the real murderer, no matter what happens to him. He is strong and enjoys life, he doesn't hold anything back, but he is also caring and understanding. Sabrina, well I liked her a bit. I feel like she could have had more backbone, she does eventually show it, but I felt like her character was a bit whiny, I liked her in the end, but didn't love her. They do seem like a good pair, and I did find myself enjoying the style of the story and the way they slowly unravel. The mystery in the story is pretty wonderful and really surprised me in the end. It is what really kept me fully invested in the story, and you see how Mac and Sabrina work well and fight well together.

A romantic tale of intrigue, danger, mystery and passion. A story that will tie you up in knots, and keep you going. A SATISFYING ROMANCE!!