Eternity - Tmonique Stephens Roman Nicolis, has lived for almost two thousand years, he is immortal, but cursed. He made a mistake and now he has watched the woman he loves die six times, and each time he loses a part of himself. Now he is a billionaire, and runs a security firm, and makes billions. Then he he is hired to protect a woman that has been attacked, a woman that is his lost love, and this is her seventh reincarnation and the only way for the curse to be broken is for Stella to remember her past lives. Stella has never known family or real love, she was raised in foster care, works as a waitress, and one night ends up being attacked by a masked man, who scars her, but she somehow survives. Then she meets her protection, a man that reminds her of her attacker, but there is something different about him. As the danger keeps getting closer to Stella, Roman is determined to destroy this new threat, only he will never see that its easier said than done, and it could cost him Stella and he could lose her once again...but will Roman and Stella be able to destroy their enemy together and find eternity together?

Eternity is the first book in her Ra series. I have never heard of this author until now. Even though this book was published almost a year ago, it became available on Netgalley, and I thought well the cover is yummy, and the blurb sounds enticing, so why not try it out? I am glad that I found a new author!! This story was so great and I had such a fun time with this fast paced paranormal romance that got my heart rate up...who needs cardio right? Well the story begins with Stella being attacked and left for dead, only for some reason she doesn't die like the "Stranglers" other victims did, and even though her face is scarred, she is alive and she meets Roman. Roman is desperate to keep Stella alive and will do anything to keep her safe. He doesn't know if he can survive losing her again. As they are forced together to keep Stella safe, a sensual desire erupts and soon they are starting to fall for each other. But then the plot really thickens and soon Roman and Stella are on the run for their lives and desperate to kill this creature after them. There is quite a lot that happens in this story, but the author does a great job in sucking you into a world of danger, paranormal creatures, and Egyptian mythology. This is a story that is exciting to the very end, and I just couldn't put it down. It had me on the edge of my seat all the way through, and I LOVED it!!

Overall I found Eternity to be a great start to this series that won me over within the first few pages. Precise details, intriguing characters, and a plot that thickens with every chapter and has you wrapped in foil and refuses to let go until the end. It will keep you enthralled with each page....THRILLING AND MESMERIZING!!!