Chieftain by Command

Chieftain by Command - Frances Housden Kathryn, was a unwilling bride, but followed the kings orders in marrying Gavyn, a groom, that abandons her to fight in France with his army of mercenaries. Its been two years since Kathryn has seen her husband, and when she sees a army marching toward her home, she knows she must protect her clan. Beings skilled with the bow, she fires at the leader, who unknown to her, is Gavyn, what a way to welcome her husband home from fighting in France right? Kathryn knows that despite the warm welcome, that even though she is perfectly capable of leading her people, she can only do so through her husband. She understands she needs to let him into her life and bed, and to make him love her. But there is a enemy afoot, and only with her Chieftain by her side, will they come together and find a love or will they lose a chance at a future?

Chieftain By Command is the second book in the series. Now this is my first time reading this author. I was granted a ARC copy via Netgalley, in exchange for a honest review. I have to say I have been watching this book ever since I first saw this gorgeous cover, with that hunk of a man in a kilt, totally DROOL worthy right? You ALL know it!! Well despite the yummy cover and the delectable blurb, I had not a easy time of this one. It took me much longer to read it than I thought it would. It was a very slow going book, there was some very positive qualities to this title, but in all honesty I had a hard time keeping engaged with it. Now if you have a quiet afternoon, and need some time to kill, and want to read a slow and steady romance...then this one is definitely for you.

Don't expect any excitement until the last part of the story (then it really kicked up speed ) but one of the things that I did love about this one, was the development of the relationship between Gavyn and Kathryn. You really seem how this author seems to focus on building up the characters, and what a slow but strong building up there is. There is a bit of intrigue and danger mixed up in the plot, that adds something more to the story, that keeps you into the book, but I did feel like it was missing a bit of something. I can't even put my finger on exactly what it was, but I felt it just needed something a bit more to be a winner for me. I am curious to see what this author will do with this series, and I would like to eventually try out the first book ,and see how it connects with this one.

I will say that Chieftain By Command, was a sweet and slow romance that builds up with each page read. A story that even though its not the highest rating, was a enjoyable interlude with some sexy brogues, a irresistible alpha chief, beautiful Scottish setting that makes you ache for a time of kilts, sword fighting, and passion in every breath you take. Be prepared to take a step into history with this one. Rich in passion and character building. POIGNANT AND TENDER!!