The Vampire's Bite ( Blood and Love #1)

The Vampire's Bite ( Blood and Love #1) - Eve Grant I received a ARC in return of a honest review.

When I saw this title available on Netgalley I knew I needed to try it out. A short novella, that only consists of 85 pages, but I really liked the blurb so I jumped right into this one. The voice of the author in this story was addicting, I really liked the way she just sucked me right into the story. However I had a hard time loving this one.With the story being so short, it ends way too quickly, and just when it starts to get into the story it ends...a cliffhanger folks.,. and one I was surprised by. I am guessing the next book will continue right where this one leaves off. Even though this is a romance, there isn't much of that in this one. I am guessing this first installment sets up the story for later books. We do see a bit of chemistry between Nicholas and Susan, but there is only a hint of it, but I did enjoy seeing how Grant really delves deeper into the characters. Even though I had a few issues with this one, I did enjoy it and was a short yet fun past time. Looking forward to the second one and hope it comes out...soon!! A Story that will pique your curiosity and keep you hanging at the end and hungering for more!!