Never Seduce a Sheikh

Never Seduce a Sheikh - Jackie Ashenden Sheikh Isma'il Zahara has plans for his country, and he knows his people and will do whatever it takes to stay in command and do what is good, which is why he must always be in control. He has plans for his country's oil, and is looking for someone that will help and aid his country. Lily Harkness, is a CEO and businesswoman, she gets the job done, and has dealt with many arrogant men, but she isn't ready for this commanding sheikh who rattles her. Lily has desires that she hides even from herself, she has a dangerous past that she wouldn't dare reveal to anyone, but Isma'il shows her desire and a seduction so deep he takes control of her heart and soul...but will she be able to do the same with this Shekih that exudes power and command...

Never Seduce A Sheikh is a contemporary romance, and deals with quite a bit of some darker issues that if you are looking for a light read, this isn't it. It has some darker elements that really suck the reader in and make you think about certain issues. In the beginning of the story, its all about business and transactions and agreements, the Shekih shows Lily that there is more to life than a contract. Lily is fully invested in gaining this oil agreement, so she doesn't see the bond forming between them until she can't resist him. Both Lily and Isma'il have dark pasts, but in this erotic romance, we see them share every dark secret, and there is quite a power in this story that draws you in. This story is a shorter read, so you will just breeze through it the moment you get into it, which for me happened very quickly and I just couldn't get enough. The characters are very vividly written and the author does a splendid job in portraying them in a way that captures you. And even though I am not a huge fan of erotica, I like more romance in the story, however in this one, I felt like there was quite a bit of intensity in the romance department, and how this story is all about overcoming and facing the past to embrace the love they share. A enthralling read to take hold of you and not let go!! A CAPTIVATING LOVE STORY!!