Love Me to Death

Love Me to Death - Marissa Clarke I was given a free copy of the ARC in exchange for a honest review...thanks to Marissa Clark and Entangled Publishing.

Nikolai has been sent on a mission...kill Elena or die himself. He has never failed in a mission before. Nik is a slayer of the vampires, and is a enforcer, his uncle is the king to his kind. So he goes out to accomplish it, however Elena is not any normal vampire...because she is part human with vampire blood...which is very rare, she is the only one left with that circumstance. When he goes to kill her however, she is already wounded, and he feels a tie to her, a tie of a mate bond, and since he also has a duty to protect humans, he has to wait until she becomes a vampire and then he will have the authority to kill her on his grounds. Elena, was coming home from the hospital when she stops into the convenience store, the place ends up being robbed, and she gets shot...she wakes up in the hospital with a fierce man at her side, who only sees her as the enemy and accuses her of things that she knows she is innocent of. Soon Nik and Elena are tied together, with all manner of creatures after them, soon Nik sees Elena as a woman that is his destiny, and has the power within her to redeem their fathers murders, and set their people free from Nik's uncle...but Elena will have to rely on her love for Nik and her commitment to do her duty and release the powers within herself to save the high expectations right?

Love Me To Death was a riot of a book!!! Oh my much I loved this story. This was so different than I expected, and when I was asked to read and review this...well I just couldn't wait to delve into it. The blurb sounded so good...but if you think the blurb is good...wait until you get into this will blow you away...just as it did for myself. This is the first time I have read this author, and I can tell you right now, that I definitely plan on reading her more in the future.

The story starts off with the hero wanting to kill the heroine! It just jumps right into the story, and pulls you right in with excitement and danger and one sexy beast of a male. MMMM...good!! He sure is delicious male material, he definitely got my blood pumping within the first chapter. Now the heroine...she just doesn't except being killed for something she has no idea about okay! At first she doesn't believe that Nik is real with his intent on killing her, especially when he heals her from bullet wounds...but apparently he just needs to wait till she turns and then it will be okay for her to be killed. What Elena doesn't realize is that this is just the beginning of her troubles. Nik is the least of her worries. Nik tries to resist the bond he feels for Elena, and goes into denial mode for a bit, but he never can get it into his head, to get rid of her, because he physically can't harm her...because she is his mate, and it goes against his nature to harm her, even if it is his mission and he himself could get killed because of his reluctance. But he starts to see, that Elena is not the normal vampire....her mother was human, and her father was the vampire leader before being killed, and now they both have enemies because she has certain powers and a destiny to save their people and right the wrongs of the past.

This story was ever moving, on the go, and with so many twists and turns, that you won't find yourself bored with the story once! There is such thrilling excitement written on every page, it will have you flipping those pages as fast as you can get through them. Nik and Elena were such a lovely pair, and so suited for each other. At the beginning of the story, you have your doubts...but soon you start to see how good they are for each other, and what chemistry! They could blow up TNT with the heat they share whenever they are near each other. Love Me To Death is a romance that will excite you, endear you, and magically wrap its way around your heart!! Stunning in this magical world that Clarke has created for us...a world of a variety of creatures that go bump in the night, with danger lurking around every corner and a majestic love to tie you up in knots!! Perfect for this time of year, if you are looking for a story to go with the magic of all hollowed eve...then this one is for you!! DARK AND COMPELLING!!