Bride Of A Scottish Warrior

Bride Of A Scottish Warrior - Adrienne Basso Lady Grace, has been watching her husband, grow weaker from fever from a wound from a boar while hunting. She has stayed by his side, and when he makes a request from her, she can't refuse him. After he dies from his weakened condition, she is forced to leave, knowing the brothers of her late husband, will only use her for their own needs and greedy desires. While staying with her brother and his wife, her plan is to continue onto the convent, having feeling a need to atone for past sins. She grew up in the convent and desires to go back there. But her brother has different plans for her...he desires for her to find a husband and have children. When one of his battle buddies, a Sir Ewan Gilroy comes for a visit, desiring a opportunity to court and marry her. At first Grace is firm in her resolve to go to the convent, but Ewan is determined and is not a man to be swept away with foolish notions. His plan is to show Grace that he plans on keeping her as his, no matter what!

Bride Of A Scottish Warrior is the first book I have read from this author. I may have read her years ago, since her name is very familiar to me, and her writing was like visiting with a old friend. However, for the life of me, I can't recall which book of hers I had from her. So I will just claim this is the first book of hers that I can actually recall. I have recently seen this book pop up, quite often in ratings and reviews, and so I decided that I need to take a chance on this one. And I have a certain weakness for medieval historical romances...especially with a Scottish theme to it. This story takes place in the early 1300's, and I do love this time period. Its full of passion and raw sensuality that is so appealing and makes you crave for a time of kilts, sexy brogues, and Scottish castles and the kinship of clans.

Let me start with our magnificent hero, the bold and daring, Sir Ewan. What a man! Seriously I adored his character...I almost wanted to swoon just so he could catch me! LOL Unlike some heroes we see...he isn't intimidate by marriage or love or fact he craves it, and desires it. And he goes in search of it. He wants someone to share and build his life with and he won't settle for less. I loved how he is afraid to search after what he wants, and holds nothing back. When he meets Grace...he knows she is the one. She is the one woman he wants for life, but there is one problem...she doesn't return that feeling. She admires him and respect him, but she has no interest in marrying anyone. Now onto the lovely Grace. She has such a stubborn fact too stubborn, but I am too....and so I felt a kinship towards her. I felt as I was reading this one...I could relate with her in so many ways. She is strong willed and very passionate even though she plans on entering a convent. What I really liked about her character was her willingness that when she makes a decision she stands by it with full heart and she is the perfect match for Ewan. They both have passionate natures, and I loved seeing them fight for each other in the end....and what a love affair they have.

The story isn't all roses and daisies though...there is a villain. Pretty good one too. He really puts these two through the wringer...but I found it was a good really makes them come together and fight for each other and the life they are building together. This was such a wonderful story...I enjoyed every single page. I was fighting for this couple all the way!! And those intimate scenes...were sensual and emotionally provoking....definitely had me needing a fan or even a cold bath...but they weren't super HOT, in fact tame compared to some other books I have read..but were so provocative and powerful in its intensity!! A story to win your heart....Heartwarming till the end!! WILL CAPTIVE AND STUN YOU!