Shield of Winter

Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh Vasic, is a Arrow, trained since he was four years old to be a assasin for his people, to take orders and execute with no hesitation. The Psy are changing, with silence no longer existing, a new leader for their people, times are changing. When Kaleb Krychek, requests that he finds a group of empaths, and stop the wave of death that is sweeping across their people. Ivy, is a Empath, and when she meets Vasic, she is fearful of his intentions, but he proves to be trustworthy, and she starts to see him as more than just a Arrow, she starts to see him as a man with a soul. Ivy feels a emotional bond to Vasic, but his exterior shield is like ice, impenetrable, but like ice, it can also be weakened by heat. Ivy is determined to show Vasic the power of love and emotion and the healing they can do for each other. That she can be his greatest strength in a time when their people need it most...

I have adored this author for so long, ever since I read the first book a few years back, when I started getting more into paranormal...and Singh changed my view on that genre. And I still adore her books, and Shield of Winter is no different. After reading Kaleb's book, I was hoping that in Shield of Winter we would see more of him and Sahara, and we see the other couples as well. We the Psy and Changelings combine forces to get to the bottom of what is killing of the Psy. There are many instances in this story that can be painful to see. But what I really loved was seeing Vasic get his story and find his mate. And Ivy was just wonderful, I loved having these two be a pair and they complimented each other so well. Vasic doesn't know emotion or feeling of any kind. Ivy is Psy but being a Empath her talents are so different from Vasic. Even though Ivy hasn't been conditioned like Vasic has been, she has her own demons from her past. The characters in this story were just phenomenal, and I really enjoyed seeing the personal growth...seeing Ivy and Vasic learn together and they are put through some vigorous tests that will prove them and the love that they share.

The story as a whole is pretty intense and thrilling, it just kept me on edge the whole time. With Singh at the helm, you just know that every time you read her, you know you will enjoy yourself...but I feel like her stories go way deeper than that. Its very dynamic and full of steamy action to keep you entertained for quite a while. You can never go wrong with Nalini Singh, and this book is proof of that. I would recommend if you are new to this author and series, you start at the beginning. The series of events that take place in this story may seem a bit confusing if you haven't read previous books.

Overall I found Shield Of Winter a exciting addition to the series. A story that is guaranteed to take you on a wild ride of a paranormal world where shape shifter and pysic powers are real and intense. Of a world that will carry you away in a story that is compelling and highly sensual and will thrill you down to your toes!! Be ready for a story to make your blood pound like never before!! THRILLING!!